Ethiopia Kochere 12oz

Kochere is a woreda (state) to the south of Yirgacheffe. On the newly-paved highway, it is about a seven-hour drive south out of the capital city of Addis Abeba. The drive has a very long stretch across The Rift Valley before ascending in to the lush mountains, where people live in small huts made of mud and bamboo surrounded by coffee plants and false banana trees scattered throughout the forests. Coffee plantations here vary in size but they are all typically very small. The coffee trees are skinny, tall and randomly planted, unlike many farms in other parts of the world that prune their trees and plant them in nice rows. Coffee trees here in Ethiopia—where coffee originated—actually look like part of the forest rather than a planted crop. In this part of the world, coffee still grows wild.
The Kochere region has some of the highest-grown coffee in Ethiopia, ranging in altitude from 1,875 meters abaove sea level to 2,200. Harvest time is from November to February. Since coffee grows wild here, many of the varieties grown here are not cataloged. You might notice we always say "Ethiopian Heirloom" under variety. This is due to the estimated thousands of different, uncategorized varieties found in the forest.

The coffee is washed in the traditional Yirgacheffe style, which involves a longer fermentation with the coffee submerged in water from 48-72 hours. It's then rinsed in small canals with water to remove any loose mucilage, then soaked in clean water for 12 hours before being dried on raised beds in the sun. The long method of fermentation and post-washing soak are thought, in addition to the heirloom varieties the region is known for, to be the secret to the crystal clear, delicate flavor profiles coming from this part of Ethiopia. Our team found this coffee to have a juicy body with notes of blood orange, red grape, hibiscus, and date.

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