One Day Coffee Workshop — Philadelphia

Our One Day Coffee Workshop is a very special three-part coffee class aimed at giving a holistic education to both the novice and budding enthusiast.

The coffee workshop will begin with Seed to Cupan introductory lecture to coffee's transformation from bean to beverage including growing, processing, roasting, and brewing.

This is followed by Coffee Cupping, an introduction to evaluating coffee through cupping, the industry's standard method. Learn cupping procedures and how to evaluate coffee, build vocabulary and sensory memories, and taste coffees.

Finally, our Pour-Over Workshop will explore extraction using the Hario V60 by-the-cup pour-over coffee brewing method. Students will have an opportunity to practice their technique.

 Joe Coffee Company One-Day Coffee Workshop: 5 hours long with a half hour break.

Philadelphia classes take place at 3200 Chestnut St. from 10 am - 3pm 

  • Saturday, September 9, 10 am at Joe Chestnut



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Vendor: Joe Coffee

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