Nightcap 12oz

Always exciting as either brewed coffee or espresso, Nightcap—our signature decaf coffee—is carefully chosen for a drinkable and fully satisfying cup that tastes wonderful without caffeine. It's perfect for those who appreciate coffee enough to drink it for taste alone.

Nightcap's base of Colombia La Serranía coffee, from the Huila region of Colombia, is grown by a group of more than 20 producers along an isolated set of mountains within the central cordillera of the Andes, between 1,500–1,750 meters above sea level. The coffees are Caturra, Colombia, and Castillo varieties, hand-sorted, fully washed, dry fermented for just over a day, and then fully sun-dried. In order to prepare this coffee for its role in our Nightcap decaffeinated offering, the caffeine is removed right at source by DESCAFECOL. DESCAFECOL employs a combination water-Ethyl Acetate method to gently remove caffeine particles from the coffee bean, while preserving the flavor qualities that make a coffee special.

All orders are roasted on Monday and Thursday and are shipped on the same day. Note that if you order Two-Day Shipping after 7am on any given day, your order will be processed *the following roast day*. We do this to ensure your coffee arrives to you as fresh as possible!

All coffee is delivered whole bean. If you need your order ground, please specify your brew method in the special instructions section.

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Type: Coffee

Vendor: Joe Roasting

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