Manhattan Portage Coffee Travel Kit

Introducing the Manhattan Portage x Joe Travel Bag and Brewing Kit. We spent months collaborating with one of our favorite local companies to bring you this handsome bag. Made with waxed canvas on the outside and the highest quality, military-grade Cordoba on the inside, our travel kit is soft to the touch yet incredibly durable, with a lifelong resistance to inclement weather. Our travel bag packs down in your backpack or suitcase, or can be carried as a stand-alone shoulder bag.

It also features a dedicated waterproof pocket to house your AeroPress and hand grinder, a false bottom to increase the size of the main compartment if desired, a quick-release carrying strap for easy removal, and a Velcro front pocket for the extra-nerdy coffee lovers out there who want to bring their brewing scale along for the ride.

This one-stop travel coffee shop is available fully loaded with an AeroPress, filters, a Porlex mini hand-grinder, a lightweight enamel Joe camper mug, and a fresh 12oz bag of our signature house drip coffee, The Daily. 

We hope our customers will consider this new collaboration as a "third activity" between home, travel, and work, where people connect, share, and create. Our collaboration was founded upon traveling with ease, having an amazing time, comfort, and making memories. “It’s about so much more than a cup of coffee.”


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