Papua New Guinea Baroida Estate 12oz

A fifty-year-old family farm, Baroida Estate is owned and operated by the Colbran family, whose constant quest for improvement has elevated their coffee from the common, bulk-blended for export regional lots of coffee to today's specialty-quality estate selections. 
The Colbran family's attention to constant quality drives their growing and milling operations. The ripest cherries are picked, then depulped on the farm's site using disc depulpers, dry fermented for 36 hours, and dried on tarps. In the even that tarp drying is hampered by weather conditions, mechanical dryers are used to ensure the coffee is maintained at the highest quality. The Colbran family also purchases cherry from smallholder farmers in surrounding areas, processes them at Baroida Estate, and helps sell these coffees on their behalf, all of which acts to promote and support the region as an increasingly respected locus of quality coffee production. We so admire the work being done at Baroida Estate that we at Joe have purchased their coffee every year that we've been roasting—to us, this coffee is like an old friend.
This coffee was grown at 1,600-1,850 meters above sea level, and is made up of Typica, Bourbon, Arusha and Munda Novo varieties. Harvest season in this tropical South Pacific growing region is from May–September. In the cup, we found notes of tropical fruit and molasses with a medium body. We're delighted to offer this clean, vibrant Papua New Guinean coffee to all of our guests at Joe.

Collections: coffee

Type: Coffee

Vendor: Joe Coffee Company

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